*How can I tell The Original NHL Jersey*There is 1 product.

*How can I tell The Original NHL Jersey*
Checking the authenticity of the jersey
Below are some key things when buying a jersey on the internet to check.

Color, contour characters, numbers. Counterfeiters in China, Korea, etc. usually have problems with the colors of the jersey number, or fail to reliably copy itself jersey number to match the original.

Price. Common with the original Reebok jerseys (with the player) to the shops for delivery to Europe from 200€uro upwards. Jerseys without names around 100€uro upwards.
CMM jerseys, called Vintage-sampling-rate from 270€uro upwards. By buying fake jerseys, supporting lawless conditions and organized crime.
In addition, jerseys less quality and structure of the material may result in skin irritation or other allergic diseases. Avoid these problems.

Pay attention to details. Spacing letters, embroidery. Every shirt we sell is professionally embroidered name, number, color, characters!

Compare the location of the stitching around the armpits and stitching around the neck. NHL logo on the neck should be raised, not sewn.

Place of manufacture. Reebok has a legal factory in Saint Hyacinth, Quebec - Canada, which produces TOR. CMM jerseys.
Therefore, it should be on every jersey in place which states that goods size flag of Canada. (See picture).

Second place of manufacture as Indonesia (the parent company of the Adidas Group), which meet all the stringent international labor standards.
Reebok jerseys that are now used in the NHL are therefore a sign of production "Made in Indonesia".

Certain Reebok jerseys are also manufactured in Saint Hyacinth, Quebec - Canada. Official production should therefore be Canada or the USA (by corporate companies and workers).

A more detailed description directly in each category. Including delivery time.